Accessiblity is often overlooked when choosing a system for the exploration and mapping industries. Mapsys is accessible without sacrificing function. With its intuitive design, Mapsys organizes and stores the data that you need regarding any given location. We're not just talking about text here, every GIS program does that. Videos, images and audio recordings augment text entries that are saved in separate galleries. Mapsys makes sense.

Customized For You

Mapsys is fully customizable. Mapsys showcases your corporate identity and enables the collection of data that meets your needs. From appearance to content, Mapsys is your own and can be set up in a multitude of different configurations.

Share Information

Mapsys makes it easy to share information with other, through email or even social networks.
Mapsys provides you with unlimited customized maps so you can share only the data that you want - and hide the stuff that you don't want seen.

Mining Applications

No more training scouts and exploration staff in complicated GIS programs. With Mapsys, the whole exploration becomes streamlined.
Images of minerals, video of surrounding area, audio of the scout's impressions of the land all tied together seamlessly to the location data with just a few clicks on our mobile devices. Perfect for either small or large scale exploration operations, Mapsys is the solution the industry has been waiting for.

Mobile Hardware

Mapsys has chosen its hardware to be the perfect conduit for the software. Built-in GIS that doesn't require internet connectivity means that you can collect your data then upload to your platform when you are connected.
Space isn't an issue either. Our mobile devices take micro SD cards, so when one gets full just swap it with an empty one.
With the Mapsys mobile platform, you're prepared for all the data collection your project requires and more.

Land Claims

We know how important it is to develop an effective land claim for your traditional territory, Mapsys was created for this very reason.
High employee turnover, limited budget for training, dealing with consultants and time constraints are all problems that First Nations face. With minimal training, your band members can collect all the data themselves. Mapsys makes data more useful with its superior organizational system. The result is more productive employees who utilize the user friendly and intuitive interfaces to accomplish more with less effort. Data that will be saved for your children and grandchildren to learn from.

Our Team

The brains and the brawn behind Mapsys

Devon Meekis

A member of Wawakapewin First Nation, Devon is the creator of Mapsys.

Vibe Joseph

Database & Systems Engineer
A software engineer of 8 years, Vibe brings a knowledge of database structure and security to our team.

Archie Meekis

Mining & Cultural Consultant
A former chief, blaster, millwright and many other things, Archie has donned many hats in his life and has proven to be an invaluable asset to our platform.


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